Well, for a few years, my daughters have been building their interest in art.  From the time they were little I often found them sleeping on the floor behind me when I took a break from a painting.  The loved to watch and appearantly, they paid attention. 

Recently, I decided to get them into etching.  For these paintings we are currently working on, we will do an etching on clay board and then use acrylic paint through the airbrush.  They are excited and the work is coming along nicely.

I am currently seeking female models (in the Houston area) preferably, but any big city in the country will be fine.  If you are interested, just hit the contact button above and attach a pic of yourself as well as your contact info and I will get back to you asap.


Ed Papin



 Anastasia's first oil painting.

Oil on canvas

 Alexandria's first oil painting.

Oil on canvas