About Ed Papin

I began painting as a child in the basement of my father using old cardboard boxes and Grumbacher oil paint.  We even used old Tester's from my late grandfathers paint set.  I actually still have some of those which would probably be 35-40 years old!!!  I don't know that my grandfather had much to do with my art, but I like to think so.  Through him, my father gained an appreciation for art and loved painting landscapes which later, combined with his love for fishing gave way to some work involving seaplanes.

As a child, I was encouraged by my family to develop my art.  I was given everything I needed and was never denied time to paint.  My early paintings were all in oils because that is what my father uses.  I got quite used to oils and loved the slow drying time.  This is why it took me so many years to finally work in acrylics.  That transition was swift and easy because along with the transition, I was introduced to the airbrush by Anthony Guerra and Richard Sturdevant.  Anthony is a fantastic artist who specialized in, well just about anything he tries and Richard created the most fantastic animals that I have ever seen.

My work was no better than average until I was an adult in my early 20's.  During that time, I experienced an explosion in creativity having had my eyes opened to the new world of the airbrush and due to this, the quality of my work advanced significantly.  Then became the publication of Madonna In Art.  I was invited to join other artists in creating artwork that represented the singer, Madonna as we saw her.  In the "Nudes" section of my gallery, you will see her swimming with a dolphin.  I tried to incorporate all of her lifestyles in one; nudity, drugs, religion and environmentalism.   Hope you can spot them all.

Later, In 2006, I was introduced to an old Chinese artist in Houston who taught local kids.  He was a great artist, but we couldn't communicate verbally.  I stood and stared at his paintings for long periods of time and spoke with many of his students who ranged from about 5 years to high school with an occasional adult in the class.  The skill with which these kids work turning out  wonderful pieces of art inspired me to go back to the oils; hence the impressionism section of my gallery.

Next on my artistic horizon is Chinese watercolors.  I just haven't decided if I want to do them the traditional way or evolve it a bit and use the airbrush.  It will probably end up being some sort of hybrid.

Thanks for stopping by my gallery!  I hope you enjoy viewing it as much as I enjoyed creating the work.